About the Alkaline

QURE’s potent ionic alkalizing concentrate formula is designed to minimize, neutralize and counterbalance the acidic pH of waters, foods and beverages. Just a few sprays of QURE Concentrate turns ordinary drinking water into alkaline water!


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1. Does QURE Concentrate have any flavor? Will food / beverages taste differently?

2. If I drink the whole bottle, will there be any adverse side effects?
QURE Concentrate is made from natural minerals and not synthetic chemicals so you won’t be poisoned. That said, the pH is very high and will give you a burning sensation, and taste bitter and intolerable if you attempt to drink the whole bottle. (Please do not ingest the whole bottle.)

3. Is QURE Concentrate available in in droplets or capsules? If not, will it be?

4. Why is QURE Concentrate in a 4 oz., glass bottle?
4 oz. is the best deal for the price. However, we will come out with a 2 oz. bottle for airport travel soon. Stay tuned.

5. What is the pH of QURE Concentrate?
11.5 to 12 pH.

6. How is QURE Concentrate made? Is it a natural process? Is there waste?
QURE Concentrate is made just like QURE Water with a natural process and no waste. The only difference is that the QURE concentrate is QURED in natural minerals for a longer period of time to obtain a super saturated concentration of ionic alkaline minerals.

7. QURE Water claims to have no additives. Wouldn't QURE Concentrate be considered an additive?
QURE Water has no additives and the Concentrate itself is not an additive. It simply gets its alkalinity from QUIRNG and peculation through beds of natural minerals.

8. What is the difference between the alkaline concentrate in QURE Concentrate and alkaline cleaning products?
Cleaning product are made with caustic artificial chemicals, while QURE Concentrate is purified water that peculates through natural ionic minerals.

9. How many sprays are in one bottle?
Approximately 820.