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House Plants

By July 26, 2016Alkaline Water
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Air Purifying House Plants for your Home
(Natural Green Air Purifiers)

If you love indoor plants as much as we do at Qure, you’ll be happy to know that some plants are very good for your health. They don’t just make your home look great, they clean up indoor pollution.

Unless we’re bowled over by paint fumes during a remodel we don’t usually notice indoor pollution, so toxic cleaning products or even trace chemicals from upholstery and appliances can go under the radar.

You can open the windows to ventilate and even if you’re not an experienced gardener, you can put your green thumb to work by investing in indoor plants, known for their air purification properties.

Potted plants vs. chemicals

It’s well known that plants are necessary for clean air, but we bet you didn’t know NASA has done experiments using houseplants to improve air quality in future space stations.

They found houseplants eliminate dangerous chemicals from the environment. Benzene (used in detergents, gasoline and paints), Trichloroethylene (in adhesives and paints), formaldehyde (wall paneling and kitchen cabinets) all reduced, some by 50%-80% and that was within 24 hours! In fact, the plants even adapted to specific toxins they found in the air, so the longer you have them the more effective they are in purifying your home environment.

Five housecleaners

Here are five of the many indoor plants available with known air purifying properties. Pick your own selection and have them in your most used rooms – (we know you’ve got incredible style, so don’t feel limited to these five if they don’t compliment your decor)

Peace Lily: Probably the most famous indoor purifier with a great name, Peace Lily can eliminate a number of toxic chemicals from air. The NASA study showed it removed 80% of benzene and 23% of trichloroethylene within a 24-hour period.

Philodendrons: A specialist in formaldehyde removal, purifying the air of significant amounts. The easiest variety to maintain is known as the “sweetheart” (philodendron scandens).

Bamboo Palms: Effective in eradicating formaldehyde.

Spider Plant: Known for removing carbon monoxide from the air. 96% from an enclosed space, so it’s good for the kitchen or fireplace where gasses can accumulate. And it’s not called the Spider Plant because it attracts spiders, so no need to worry!

Golden Pothos: Removes benezene (up to 73%) within 24 hours.

And remember, just like you, your plants need the right amount of water to grow and stay healthy!

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