Electrolysis-ProcessThe electrolysis process is the most popular method of making alkaline water. This process works by using tap water or purified water with added chemicals to water to increase electrical conductivity. Then this mix is run through two metal plates that are electrified with a strong enough electrical charge to force the water molecule ions to split or separate into two streams. The negative ion stream becomes alkaline and the positive charge stream is acidic. The alkaline stream is bottled and the acidic stream is wasted. This process is very wasteful and not eco-friendly at all. Also, electrocuting water and consuming synthetic chemicals does not resonate well with health-conscious consumers.

Mad-Chemist-Caustic-ChemicalsMany alkaline water brands and pH drop products are made with a concoction of synthetic chemicals to artificially raise the pH of the water as high as 10 pH. In addition, chemicals are added to lower the (ORP) Oxygen Reduction Potential in order to claim it is an “antioxidant.” However, there is great debate against a negative ORP having any real health benefit. In addition, the FDA does not recognize a negative ORP as an antioxidant. Artificially raising the pH of water can be done in many inexpensive ways, including adding baking soda (aka Sodium Bicarbonate) to your water. Although, artificial ingredients may not be healthy for your body long-term.

Naturally-Sourced-WaterWe believe that natural is better! However, if you are buying water for the benefit of alkalinity, a naturally-sourced alkaline water is limited to 7.2 to 7.5 pH. This low alkaline pH is too weak to counterbalance acidity from our Western diet. In addition, depending on the geographic location or origin of source, natural alkaline water in our current commercial era may be exposed to industrial byproducts and pollution. The notion of natural, pure, clean artesian aquifer water from a secluded source untouched by man is more marketing than truth in this day and age. There are some exceptions, but how do we really know for sure?

QurationThe QURATION mineral process works by ionizing meticulously purified pristine clean water through several layers of mineral beds composed of a proprietary blend of natural alkaline minerals. The process was modeled after how nature makes natural spring water. Except Qure Water is cleaner because QURE is cleaned free of any traces of contaminants such as the ones spring waters may be exposed to during its travel underground and through the wilderness. The prized result is a pristine purified water with a perfect mineral to water ratio that gives QURE its smooth silky taste with a strong and stable alkaline pH of 9.5+ to counterbalance an over-acidic lifestyle.