But what does it taste like?

Water! We understand the word “alkaline” can make you think of the batteries in your remote control, but there’s no metallic taste. Because QURE® contains ionized alkaline minerals, it tastes naturally clear and clean — and each sip goes down smoothly.

Does it need to be refrigerated?

Only if you like it nice and cold! QURE® is completely shelf-stable for up to two years (unlike other alkaline waters), so it’s fine to keep a stash in your pantry or tucked in your desk drawer.

What’s the science behind it?

We put our water through a nine-stage reverse osmosis purification and mineralization process, which super cleans the base water down to 0.0 or .05 TDS (total dissolved solids). Then we QURE® this super clean water like mother nature mineralizes spring water with a special blend of natural ionic alkaline minerals to bring you pure, great-tasting alkaline water.

Why should you “NOT” test QURE® with pH litmus paper strips?

There are a variety of pH litmus paper strips available in the market today. They differ by sensitivity and what range of pH they are designed for. Litmus paper pH strips that are designed to test urine and saliva should not be used to test QURE® WATER. These pH strips have a smaller target range in which they work. This is why these saliva and urine pH strips do not have enough range to read QURE®’s high 10 alkaline pH. Saliva and urine pH litmus paper strips will falsely read QURE as neutral or acidic. In addition, pH litmus paper degrades with sunlight and has a short expiration. The most accurate method to test QURE® Water is with a well-calibrated pH meter. However, you can get a good ballpark color chart reading using a pH chemical solution that you can purchase at any pool supply store or on QURE®’s website for a few bucks. QURE® Water should read 10 pH on a calibrated pH meter or purple on the chemical pH solution color chart.

How does heating our water affect its alkalinity?

Heating up QURE® is a good base to make hot teas, coffees or any hot drinks. The heat does not affect the alkalinity much.

You bought a bottle and the water “tastes like plastic.” What do you do?

If the water tastes like plastic it could be that it was stored in a very hot place on its transit to your local retailer. The PET plastic could change the taste, However, the bottles are BPA free and according to the FDA, they are safe. However, we would not drink anything that tastes “funky” either. Give us a call directly: 888-800-6941 and give us the batch code on the bottles and we will replace your water and thank you for letting us know of the issue. We will follow up immediately to make sure the retailer or the freight company is more careful in storing our product.

Is the QURE® brand name inferring that QURE® WATER can CURE sicknesses and diseases?

Absolutely NOT! QURE®’s brand name was developed by combining the words PURE in relation to our meticulously purified water and the word “CURED” in relation to our mineral process which blends or bonds to the water similarly as you would marinate seasoning to cured meats. When you put together the two words PURE + CURED we came up with the word “QURE®”. In summary, our base water is purified water with added wholesome ionic natural alkaline minerals that is “curing” in a special vessel. Thus, the name “QURE®”. As a clarification, QURE® WATER does not claim to be a medicine to cure or prevent a disease. To assume that the name QURE® infers to curing illness or disease is a misconception.

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