QURE Alkaline Water 1.5 Liter (12 PACK)


12 Bottles per case (50.7 fl. oz)

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QURE® Alkaline Water is silky smooth tasting, premium alkaline water with a powerful high pH of 10 uniquely infused with traces of naturally occurring ionic alkaline minerals and Electrolytes that can counterbalance acidity! 

  • Strong Alkaline 10 pH made with good for you natural minerals
  • Silky Smooth Taste
  • Electrolyte Infused
  • Zero Synthetic Salt Chemicals
  • No Artificial Chemicals
  • Fluoride-free
  • BPA Free
  • Fully Recyclable Bottle
  • Earth-Friendly Zero-Waste unique Proprietary Alkaline process brought to you by QURE®

Ingredients: Purified water infused with traces of naturally occurring ionic alkaline minerals, and Electrolytes: Calcium, Potassium, and Magnesium for taste.

QURE® Alkaline Water undergoes a 10-stage nature-inspired proprietary zero-waste alkaline process

to ensure pristine purified water free from artificial chemicals and impurities.

Also Available with Flavors: Watermelon Kiwi QURE® Water, Cucumber Mint QURE® Water,  and Lemon Ginger QURE® Water

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Did you know?

QURE® Alkaline Water is different than other bottled alkaline waters because it is made with a completely different process.

Our process was modeled after how nature makes natural spring water. Except QURE® water is cleaner because QURE® is cleaned free of any traces of contaminants such as the ones many spring waters may be exposed to during their travel underground and through the wilderness. This process is called QURATION. The QURATION mineral process works by infusing meticulously purified pristine clean water through several layers of mineral beds composed of a blend of natural ionic alkaline minerals. These minerals are then naturally bonded together to the water to become bioavailable giving QURE® Water a smooth silky taste and a true shelf-stable pH of 10 for two years in its sealed bottle.

Some brands use artificial chemicals or synthetic ingredients such as Sodium Bicarbonate (aka baking soda). Other brands use a combination of these chemicals with an unstable electrolysis process.

QURE® Alkaline Water is different because of its natural ionizing process and natural ionic alkaline mineral ingredients holding a true shelf-stable pH for 2 years. (and it tastes good too!)

Remember, drinking lots of water is an important part of staying healthy. #StayHydrated #StayHealthy and Always #QUREyourThirst! #DrinkQUREwater

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