QURE® Alkaline Water Quality Control

Bottling Facility: QURE®’s bottling facilities utilize a universal process and practice to provide QURE® ALKALINE WATER products the highest tier in food safety and compliance corresponding and exceeding statutory and regulatory requirements. This system includes:

We apply the internationally recognized HACCP system to ensure food safety in all QURE® ALKALINE WATER products. This preventive and science-based system identifies, evaluates, and controls hazards that are significant for food safety. It covers the entire food production process from raw materials to distribution and consumption. Our HACCP plans and systems are verified by external certification bodies against the globally latest GFSI / Safe Quality Food (SQF) Standards.

We follow and comply to U.S. FDA 21 CFR according to current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) part 110, Beverage/Bottle Water Standards part 165, California Public Health Department _ Food & Drug Branch.

When producing QURE® ALKALINE WATER, we have dedicated well trained quality control team that is responsible for monitoring, inspecting and documenting all aspects of the production runs to ensure product complies with meticulous hygiene and food safety protocols. Theses practices include: providing documented control and records, hygiene/welfare/processing practices, verification/validation system, integrated pest management, facility security, quality water/air supply and waste management.


QURE® 10 pH Alkaline Water is pristine clean silky-smooth tasting premium bottled drinking water infused with naturally occurring ionic alkaline minerals and electrolytes that help hydrate your body.

✓ Strong Alkaline 10 pH made with good for you natural minerals
✓ Silky Smooth Taste
✓ Electrolyte Infused
✓ Zero Synthetic Salt Chemicals
✓ No Artificial Chemicals
✓ Fluoride-free
✓ BPA Free
✓ Fully Recyclable Bottle
✓Earth-Friendly Zero-Waste unique Proprietary Alkaline process brought to you by QURE®

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