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Changing The Way The World Hydrates

That’s What We Are Here For!

QURE® is simply: smooth tasting, pristine, clean hydration uniquely infused with traces of naturally-occurring ionic alkaline minerals and electrolytes with a powerful high pH of 10. Its super-hydrating nature is designed to Refresh, Renew, and Revitalize your body.

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Complement your active and balanced
lifestyle with QURE® Water

QURE®’s Alkaline Water benefits are owed to its stable high pH level of 10 that can counterbalance the low pH of regular waters and acidic beverages. Making it a perfect complement to an active and balanced lifestyle.

So go ahead and indulge yourself once in a while. Drink a beer (or two) with friends, eat that dessert you’ve been craving, and feel confident that you have QURE® with you. (That’s what we’re here for.)

Super High pH Premium Alkaline Water

QURE Alkaline Water 500 mL (24 PACK)

24 Bottles per case (16.9 fl. oz)

QURE Alkaline Water 1L box

QURE Alkaline Water 1 Liter (12 PACK)

12 Bottles per case (33.8 fl. oz)

QURE Alkaline Water 1.5L box

QURE Alkaline Water 1.5 Liter (12 PACK)

12 Bottles per case (50.7 fl. oz)

QURE® Alkaline Water

It’s all about the balance

Understanding the pH Scale

Watch how QURE® Alkaline Water Benefits counteract the pH of acidic beverages

(You’ll notice our packaging used to be blue!)